quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011

Is it a dream???

to Billie Joe Armstrong

On my dream I wasn't alone
All my love wasn't gone
On my dream it was a kiss
And I say to myself, yes, he is!
He is the man of my dreams
And my mistakes, my sins
Are erased by my Lord
And now I can believe is God

Maybe he just does not understand me
Or perhaps he can't comprehend me
But another repetition
Will make a poem by a instruction:
"Women are meant to be loved,
not to be understood".

dreaming again
In the morning I felt a sleep.
When I count the first sheep
He already knows my dreams.

Letter One

I can't write the fairy tale
My brain is burning
My love isn't for sale
I'm still learning

I'm skipping classes
I'm full of boredoom
The time just passes
Now it is afternoon.

p.s quotation by Oscar Wilde

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