segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

Hope you enjoy my speech!

I want to thank my parents, my friends, God, but specially those who fucked me when I was really bad.
It is important to remember how they spend every second of their precious time to criticize my work. And how useless it was.
I want to thank the dictators and the criminals too. Because of these plagues I almost commit suicide. It was so pleasant to think about death, everytime I was lying on the bed.
How my verses improve! And how I was afraid of being robbed by these idiots! All my knowledge and life being wasted to prove something. The persecution was funny sometimes, but most of the"brilliant" ideas stuck(still) on my mind and stops my creative process.
I am so proud of be open minded! I wish my heart, my lungs and my stomach get the same treatment (cut) too! Blood over my body. People doing wars with my bones! So beautiful!
Now being sincere, all these sarcasm made me almost give up from everything.
Thanks ONLY for who really understands and loves me.

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