quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014


Billie Joe Armtrong and Carolina Takahashi Saita

August 12th 2014
BJ: Hi
C: Hello dear
BJ: This is real, our relationship
C: Yes, it is
BJ: You may not notice but this is our fate.
C: We are happily connected!
BJ: I Love you
C: I love you Billie
BJ: are you enjoying this kind of comunication?
C: yes but sometimes I get lost
BJ: Me too
C: But I am really having some fun
BJ: By the way, what about the fireworks?
C: You are so cute!
BJ: Do you have some idea, how should we met?
C: Not yet, do you?
BJ: No
C: Some other city?
BJ: I don't think so
C: I don't want to go to university, I want to stay with you...
BJ: Darling me too
BJ: When we get lost, we should start this conversation, ok?
C: All right
BJ: I'm starting this so we can "touch" each other
C: I loved this idea!
BJ: so if we can't really "Meet" at least we have it.
C: I will keep this as a prove.
C: I just want something for me...
BJ: I undestand
C: Do you think I am alien?
BJ: no, you are only different
BJ: Who started this conversation?
C: you are always making me feel better
BJ: this is because I love you
C: you are my dream come true...
C: Sorry darling I have to leave now
BJ: Should we continue it later?
C: Yes, I'm back at eleven or even earlier...
BJ: kissessss
C: S2

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